Products and Services

APC’s experienced team can assist you with all your power line requirements, offering safe, smart, and cost-efficient solutions for your power line build.

From drilling rigs to  6×6 Crane Trucks, stringing equipment, TSE machines and transformer establishments, we have assisted clients across Africa, in Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

As well as complying with all industry standards, we employ our own stringent measures to ensure in-house safety is at a premium, and our equipment and operators are certified by third parties for our client’s peace of mind and SHEQ requirements on site.

LME & LMI equipment inspections & Certifications

APC specialises in all rigging and lifting equipment and TSE inspection requirements. Our team has fully comprehensive expertise in the inspection and testing techniques of different types of lifting equipment and materials. We also undertake lifting equipment inspections which include colour coding, repairs, load testing, lifting, TSE machines and lifting materials.

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Mobile workshop & Mechanic

APC knows that the uptime and reliability of our equipment is critical for the productivity of our clients’ build. We have a combination of mechanical solutions to ensure our equipment, ( and therefore our client), has maximum up-time and utility.

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Foundation Equipment

APC have 5 drill rigs including C5 and C6 Cassagrande machines, DTH machines and all the smaller equipment needed to complete the foundation process.

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Crane Trucks

APC crane trucks and trailers are purpose built 4×4 and 6×6 trucks. The 8 ton crane trucks have 12 t/m cab-mount cranes while the double axel crane trucks (drum carriers) have larger rear-mount cranes from 22.5 t/m to 44 t/m cranes that can lift and carry equipment to the line, from 8 ton cable drums to TSE machines.

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TSE Equipment

APC has a fleet of pullers and tensioners from 24 Ton for 765 KV application through to 4 Ton for smaller lines. Our TSE equipment suite has both Tesmec and Zeck products which are well maintained and come with full certification and service history.

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Stringing Tools

The list of stringing tools is endless, as APC provides equipment from the smallest shackle and sling through to running out blocks and all sizes of pilot wire.

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